A Biography, Curriculum Vitæ, and Selected Works

A selective chronologist from the Northern Gulf, Ryan C. Clarke notices the passage of time through both an oceanographical lens as a trained Coastal Geologist and musicological as a co-editor at Dweller Electronics. He is currently studying ethnomusicology at Tulane University.

Co-Editor (2020 – ) @ Dweller Electronics

Musicology, MS (2022 – ) @ Tulane University

Earth and Environmental Sciences, M.S (2019 -2021 ) @ Tulane University

Geological Sciences, B.S (2012 – 2016) + M.S (2016 – 2018) @ Louisiana State University


Reverse Hallucinations of the Lower Delta” (2020) @ Rhizome

Southern Electronics” (2021) printed in Arena Annual 2021 @ Arena

On Sorry Business in the Posthumous Rap Industry” (2022) @ Hii Magazine

“Running Out of Space: Drexicya, Boards of Canada, and the 9/11 Digital Psychedelia You Haven’t Processed Yet” (2021) @ Dweller Electronics

The Collapse of Modern Culture (2021) @ Terraforma (Journal #1)

Ghettoville (2014): An Ode to Forgotten Black Geometries” (2020) @ Dweller + printed in Cultural Bulletin Issue E, Jan 2021

Where’s The Drop?: Notes on Dance Music Ecologies” (2021) @ Soap Ear

“Microtuning” (2021) @ LuckyMe Records

Fog Springs Eternal!” (2020) in Black Nationalist Sonic Weaponry by Speaker Music @ Planet Mu

“Mirrors In An Empty Room: Metal Gear Solid and the Catch-22 of Constructing Better Realities” (2021) @ GreyOverBlue

Digital Techno History Library (2020) @ Dweller

Space is Our Place: Notes on Southern Electronics” (2020) @ Dweller

“A Brief History of Techno-fascism, 1976-1996” (2020) @ Dweller

Vertical Sediment Accretion in Jamaica Bay Wetlands, New York” (2018) @ Louisiana State University

Black Care, Blue Notes” (2020) @ Dweller

Fate with Love: Actress – ’88’ Review “ (2020) @ GreyOverBlue

“’We Don’t Come Past Here’: Impressions of ‘T’, a film by Keisha Rae Witherspoon (2020) @ GreyOverBlue

A Lost Care Package” (2019) @ GreyOverBlue

Suffocation of the Void: Hauntology, New Orleans, and Art Neville” (2019) @ GreyOverBlue


Shirley Sound (2021) @ Boiler Room Festival New York 2021

“Nature’s Notifications” (2021) @ Computer Mouse Conference 2021

Tired” Official Video (2018) by Suicideyear @ LuckyMe Records

Album artwork for “Hate Songs” (2018) by Suicideyear @ LuckyMe Records

Care Forgot: A Southern Electronics Visual Mixtape” (2019) @ Rhizome

Ep. 11 of Silent Reading Hour w/ Sparkle Nation Book Club (2021) @ Montez Press Radio

“WORKER005 (。・ω・。)ノ❤️ Early Works 2012-2019 (。・ω・。)ノ❤️” (2020) @ Worker

Lüisiana Fugiēns” (2020) @ YesWeCannibal

“UNITY MUSIC” (2020 – til) ; Every Monday from 6-8@ 91.5 WTUL New Orleans

Well-versed in

Louisiana Geological History, Sedimentology, Grain Size Analysis, Vibracore/Multicore/Auger Sampling and Analysis, Coastal Dynamics, Sequence Stratigraphy, Radiocarbon Age Dating, Geochronology Gamma Dating, ARCGIS Data Interpretation, Radio Hosting, Podcasting, Editing & Publishing articles

Technical Skills

Microsoft Suite, Genie 2k, MSCL 7.9, Sigmaplot, ArcMap 10.1, LS 13 320 Laser Diffraction Particle Size Analyzer, Adobe Photoshop CS7, Ableton 9, WordPress, Audacity, GarageBand, and a wide array of audio devices

Honors, Awards, and Leadership Activities

GSSA Representative for Tulane’s Earth and Environmental Sciences Department, 2020-2021

Critical Minded Grant for Dweller Electronics, 2021

Member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, 2012-2016

Vice President of LSU Geology Club, 2015

Member of the American Geophysical Union

Recipient of the LSU Staff Senate Scholarship, 2012

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