A Biography, Curriculum Vitæ, and Selected Works

A tonal geologist from the Northern Gulf Coast, Ryan Christopher Clarke notices the passage of time as both a trained sedimentologist and artist-researcher as co-editor at dweller electronics, a group dedicated towards providing black counterpoint within an otherwise eurologically dominant music industry. His works have been included in Rhizome, Frieze Art Fair Los Angeles, Arena Annual, Terraforma Journal, Louisiana State University Digital Commons, Boiler Room Festival New York, and YesWeCannibal. He is a member of the American Geosciences Union, a co-recipient of the Allied Media Critical Minded Grant, and is studying ethnomusicology at Tulane University in New Orleans, LA.

Knowing intimately the ways his home is at great risk of physical and cultural erasure, he finds ways to not only document this loss quantitatively in scientific research, but qualitatively with works that try to articulate the shared knowledges his people have with the Mississippi Delta and its tributaries. Through the lenses of Jazz, New Orleans Bounce, Detroit Techno, Chicago House, and the geologies underneath, he views the progression of technology and culture at-large as a depositional process sourced by black innovation under the theory, “Southern Electronics”.

Co-Editor (2020 – ) @ Dweller Electronics

Earth and Environmental Sciences, M.S (2019 -2021) @ Tulane University

Geological Sciences, B.S (2012 – 2016) + M.S (2016 – 2018) @ Louisiana State University


Reverse Hallucinations of the Lower Delta” (2020) @ Rhizome

Southern Electronics” (2021) printed in Arena Annual 2021 @ Arena

On Sorry Business in the Posthumous Rap Industry” (2022) @ Hii Magazine

“Running Out of Space: Drexicya, Boards of Canada, and the 9/11 Digital Psychedelia You Haven’t Processed Yet” (2021) @ Dweller Electronics

The Collapse of Modern Culture (2021) @ Terraforma (Journal #1)

The Myth of Drexicya (2022) @ Terraforma Journal #2

Ghettoville (2014): An Ode to Forgotten Black Geometries” (2020) @ Dweller + printed in Cultural Bulletin Issue E, Jan 2021

Where’s The Drop?: Notes on Dance Music Ecologies” (2021) @ Soap Ear

“Microtuning” (2021) @ LuckyMe Records

“Twin Flames Extinguished: Notes on Karma & Desire” (2021) @ Dweller

Fog Springs Eternal!” (2020) in Black Nationalist Sonic Weaponry by Speaker Music @ Planet Mu

“Mirrors In An Empty Room: Metal Gear Solid and the Catch-22 of Constructing Better Realities” (2021) @ GreyOverBlue

Techno History Library (2020) @ Dweller

Space is Our Place: Notes on Southern Electronics” (2020) @ Dweller

“A Brief History of Techno-fascism, 1976-1996” (2020) @ Dweller

Vertical Sediment Accretion in Jamaica Bay Wetlands, New York” (2018) @ Louisiana State University

Black Care, Blue Notes” (2020) @ Dweller

Fate with Love: Actress – ’88’ Review “ (2020) @ GreyOverBlue

“’We Don’t Come Past Here’: Impressions of ‘T’, a film by Keisha Rae Witherspoon (2020) @ GreyOverBlue

A Lost Care Package” (2019) @ GreyOverBlue

Suffocation of the Void: Hauntology, New Orleans, and Art Neville” (2019) @ GreyOverBlue


“Social Aid & Pleasure” (2022) @ Dweller, debuted at Dweller 2022

Ryan C. Clarke and Aria Dean in conversation @ Rhizome, UCI Department of Art, Claire Trevor School of the Arts, and LAX Art

Shirley Sound & Further Processions (2022) @ Frieze Art Fair Los Angeles 2022

Shirley Sound (2021) @ Boiler Room Festival New York 2021

“Nature’s Notifications” (2021) @ Computer Mouse Conference 2021

Tired” Official Video (2018) by Suicideyear @ LuckyMe Records

Album artwork for “Hate Songs” (2018) by Suicideyear @ LuckyMe Records

Care Forgot: A Southern Electronics Visual Mixtape” (2019) @ Rhizome

Ep. 11 of Silent Reading Hour w/ Sparkle Nation Book Club (2021) @ Montez Press Radio

“WORKER005 (。・ω・。)ノ❤️ Early Works 2012-2019 (。・ω・。)ノ❤️” (2020) @ Worker

Lüisiana Fugiēns” (2020) @ YesWeCannibal

“UNITY MUSIC” (2020 – til) ; Every Other Thursday from 6-8 @ 91.5 WTUL New Orleans

Well-versed in

Louisiana Geological History, Sedimentology, Grain Size Analysis, Vibracore/Multicore/Auger Sampling and Analysis, Coastal Dynamics, Sequence Stratigraphy, Radiocarbon Age Dating, Geochronology Gamma Dating, ARCGIS Data Interpretation, Radio Hosting, Podcasting, Editing & Publishing articles

Technical Skills

Microsoft Suite, Genie 2k, MSCL 7.9, Sigmaplot, ArcMap 10.1, LS 13 320 Laser Diffraction Particle Size Analyzer, Adobe Photoshop CS7, Ableton 10 Live Suite, WordPress, Audacity, GarageBand, Final Cut Pro, and a wide array of audio devices

Honors, Awards, and Leadership Activities

GSSA Representative for Tulane’s Earth and Environmental Sciences Department, 2020-2021

Critical Minded Grant for Dweller Electronics, 2021

Member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, 2012-2016

Vice President of LSU Geology Club, 2015

Member of the American Geophysical Union

Recipient of the LSU Staff Senate Scholarship, 2012

photography by S*an D. Henry-Smith, November 29, 2021

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