Let me tell you
prejudice hurts especially when its associated with the music
you love and the city you were raised in.It is for this reason
UR is in this war with the programmers – those kidz were
by the sight of 20 heavily muscled brothers who yes some were
gang members some x-members and now musicians,they were in-
timidated because the programmers taught them that all Brothers
that didnt have on silver shoes and didnt smile or laugh at
bullshit jokes and small talk were probably criminals ask
Mumia,Rodney King or Malice Green who effects programming
has on people.I am a very serious brother nothing that I do
or have done with UR is funny or entertaining,I am not a clown
and I will never tap dance on cue – I have never been pimped
and neither has my company,the moves and strategies that I
use are for one thing and one thing only – and that is to guar
tee that the programmers agendas and stereo-types do not
proceed into the next century!! Because it is these same
agendas and prejudices that nearly extreminated my mothers
peoples(blackfoot indians) and forcibly inslaved my fathers
Peoples for 400 years – so believe me when I tell you UR
some DEADLY serious shit!!!! there is very little for me
to smile and be happy about with the condition my people,
my city,my EARTH – MOTHER EARTH is in.All I can hope is that
music from our label can without words or explanations
knock down all the barriers (racial,economic,religous,etc)
that the programmers have cleverly set before us in order
to keep us from understanding that catergories and definitions
separate and with separation comes exploitation and profit!
I hope you can feel what I am saying – as I stated
earlier I am not very good on the net and I tried to xplain
as efficiently as possible what me and my label stand for
so that there would be no misinterpetations or
people putting words in my mouth.I am 33 years old and fully
capable of speaking for myself but I choose to use music
because men have been talking for years but always with
FORKTONGUE music is true and ultimately much more efficient
than all writtien language to this date – tribal people
have known this for thousands of years.WE are all tribal
people but some of us have strayed away from the talk of
the drum and they talk with words and languages that mean


-Mad Mike, 1995, Somewhere in Detroit

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